Kids Halloween Trick or Treating

Halloween Tips for Calgary Kids!

For children, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year! With jack o’lanterns lining the streets, costumes, and of course, candy, there’s so much to look forward to! We want to help make sure your little one stays smiling this Halloween with a few oral health tips and tricks!

Remember Oral Hygiene

Encourage your family to brush their teeth after eating sticky candy. Sticky and sugary foods are more difficult to remove from the pits and grooves on teeth; it’s also harder for salvia to wash away. Remember, cavities are more likely to happen when we eat foods like this if we don’t thoroughly brush!

Don’t Have A Candy Free-For-All

Try to not let your family snack on the candy throughout the day. Did you know that it’s worse to eat a couple of chocolate bars throughout the day versus five in one sitting? This is because every time we snack on foods with refined carbs, the bacteria in our mouth produce acid for approximately 20 minutes. This acid is what causes teeth to break down and, consequently, cavities to develop. Giving candy as a dessert is the best because there’s less cumulative acid exposure to the teeth!

Drink Lots Of Water!

It’s very important to drink a lot of water when we’re indulging in a sugary treat or two. Water can help neutralize the acid that’s created in our mouth when we consume sugar. Drinking water after eating candy can help reduce the risk of tooth decay!

Local Events For Halloween Fun

We understand that Halloween is a bit different this year, and many families are choosing to stay home. However, there are many socially distant and fun events happening in Calgary! If you’re looking for some spooktacular fun for your family, we recommend the following:

Bring Your Little Pumpkin To Happy Trails

There shouldn’t be any spooky smiles after Halloween has come and gone! Our Calgary kid’s dentist, Dr. Sam, is here to help! You can book their appointment when you call (587) 576-KIDS (5437) or fill out a contact form. Make sure to also follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more tips and tricks! We can’t wait to hear all about what you did for Halloween this year!