Financial Policy

Payment Policy

Trust is the most essential part of our relationship with you. At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we provide transparent estimates and clear communication. Together, we will discuss your child’s treatment plan. Once you feel comfortable and all information communicated, we can start!

After submitting your to your insurance through our direct billing, the remaining cost of the dental visit is due on the same day of the service. If we are unable to reach your insurance company, we will require the full payment on the same day.

We accept the following payment methods in our office: debit, Visa, and MasterCard.

We are here for you! If you have any questions about our payment policy or financial options, please discuss them with us prior to treatment. We want you and your child to feel comfortable in our clinic and are always
happy to chat with you!

Appointment Policies & Reminders

Scheduling for Little Ones

In our experience, we find that little ones tend to have a more successful appointment if it is scheduled earlier in the day (instead of later). At an earlier appointment time, young children are typically more well-rested and calm. We suggest utilizing this time, as we want them to have a positive experience! Together, let’s try to avoid times when they can be more tired or restless. If you would like to learn more about a successful first dental visit, please contact us!

Pre-Treatment Plan

At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we respect and value everyone’s time. We know you organize your schedule around your child’s dental appointment. However, it is essential to meet with you and your child prior to, and on the same day of their dental treatment.

During our consult time together, we accomplish the following:

– Build trust with your little one
– Help answer any questions you may have
– Complete a thorough exam
– Ensure we have everything updated medical/dental information
– Confirm up-to-date x-rays
– Create and review our treatment plan
– Review any sedation options, if necessary
– Review a clear breakdown of the cost
– Procedure set-up and preparation

Once we meet and assess your child, we can properly lay everything out. We want the best for your little one! This includes a well-prepared plan with both of you present. For this reason, we do not offer same day treatment for new patients. While we do know everyone’s time is important, our goal is to make your child feel safe and comfortable and to answer any questions you may have about your child’s dental care.

Running Late?

Dr. Sam and our team have busy days, with lots of little ones to see! However, we try to stay on time as much as possible. We ask for you to try to do the same! If a situation comes up where you are running behind, please call us as soon as possible to let us know.

Dr. Sam and our team dedicate a specific amount of time to each one of our patients. This helps us to provide our best care possible. During each appointment, we take the time to explain and educate your little one, so they feel respected and cared for. This helps them to build trust and feel comfortable for their treatment.

We will try our best to accommodate any late arrivals, but there may be some cases where we can’t see you. We may need to reschedule the appointment. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Can’t Make Your Appointment?

Unexpected things do happen, but unfortunately, a missed appointment/short notice cancellation affects us all. If you do need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. If you can let us know sooner, we appreciate it! This way, we can offer the appointment time to our waiting list.

What if I can’t afford treatment out-of-pocket?

Sometimes your dental plan won’t cover a specific treatment for your child or you may not have dental insurance. In these cases, you can speak with us about dental financing.

Dental financing is a flexible payment option that allows patients to receive necessary treatments in an affordable way. We can work with you to create a customized payment plan. This way you only pay what you can afford while still getting the treatment you need! The best part is that you can avoid the stress and pain you would face from more costly dental health problems that worsen over time.

We are here to help! 

If you need recommendations for dental insurance for you and your family, our team can make a list of the insurance companies we work with for direct billing. Direct billing and flexible financing options are available to help avoid the stress of paying for full dental bills upfront, so you can keep more money in your pocket.