Special Needs

At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we believe every child should have an equal opportunity to pediatric dentistry and proper oral care. We also believe that every child should commence on the right path to develop a lifetime of good oral health. This may be more difficult for some children. A dental visit can be challenging and stressful for a child with special needs and, in turn, the parent caring for that child. Our team at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry enjoys working with all children, including children with special needs. Dr. Sam and our team work closely with our special needs patients and their families. We work hand-in-hand to determine the best options for delivering safe, stress-free oral health care for your little ones.

Dr. Sam and our team have undergone specific training that allows us to provide dental care to children with special needs effectively. As a result, we can provide excellent dental care to children with:

  • Special healthcare needs

  • Mental disabilities

  • Physical disabilities

  • Behavioural disorders

We pay special attention to making sure that your child has everything that they need to make their dental visit a positive experience. It is our mission to ensure your child will receive any required dental care in a comfortable, safe and caring environment. If you have questions, please give us a call. We would love the opportunity to discuss making your child’s visit a wonderful experience for you both.