Kid-Friendly Environment

From the moment your child walks into our clinic, we want them to feel comfortable and at ease. We’ve gone above and beyond to create a warm and inviting environment that caters to all children. From fun activities, amiable staff, and meeting our friendly-critter characters, they are sure to have a positive experience with us!

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Single Dedicated Dentist

Children need to see a recognizable and consistent, friendly face to build trust. Dr. Sam loves working with kids and is excited to meet your little ones! You can feel confident and at ease that your child will see the same face at every appointment, helping to develop a positive dental experience.

We Welcome Special Health Care Needs

Dr. Sam has a lot of experience working with children who have special health care needs. She is trained to help make the experience for both the parent and child as positive as possible.

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Direct Billing to Your Insurance

We directly communicate with your insurance company to help save you time. You can take a load off knowing that we are here to help! We’ll work with them to get you updated and accurate information for your billing. One less step for you!

Community Love: Calgary Born & Raised!

Did you know that Dr. Sam is a pediatric dentist who was born and raised right here in Calgary? She has a strong focus on helping the Calgary community. That includes all the little kid’s smiles!

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We are Digital!

We are proud to be a paperless paediatric dental office. Just another small way we are doing our part for our environment and community!