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Make Your Kids Smile With These Healthy Holiday Treats

At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we understand that delicious treats are a big part of most people’s holiday celebrations. But in the hustle and bustle of all the holiday activities at home and school, it’s easy to overlook the importance of good oral health, especially for kids. 

Too much sugar left on teeth can lead to decay. No one wants to start the new year with a cavity, right? This year, consider adding some healthy snack alternatives to your holiday plans. Not only are they great for your child’s oral health, but these recipes can be a fun family activity too! 

5 Yummy Holiday Snacks

Santa Hat Jello Cups 

These adorable little snacks will sleigh everyone at your events. Using sugar-free Jell-O and your favourite whipped topping, these cuties are topped with hulled strawberries for Santa’s iconic hat. They’re super easy, too, since the longest part is letting the Jello-O set in the fridge! Serve with tiny spoons, and voila! 

Parent Note: You can make these for you to enjoy too!

Christmas Banana Snowmen 

A fun stacking snack! These snowmen are a healthy, tasty option for kids. Use banana slices, strawberries and grapes (with raisins and a sliver of carrot for decoration) and let them create their own edible snowpeople!

Parent Note: These are eat-immediately snacks! They will not keep well in the fridge. 

Babybel Cheese Santa

Cheese is a great snack to help combat tooth decay. Plus, these cheesy Santas (all the puns intended) are a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Making use of the iconic red wax wrapper, these ‘lollipops’ are sure to be a hit with all the kids! 

Parent Note: Preparing ahead of the event? Stand the skewers upright on a Styrofoam brick in the fridge to keep the cream cheese decorations intact.

Banana Penguins 

Another adorable build-a-treat recipe. These banana penguins are easy on the budget and fun for the kids. Supply them with edible eyes (available at most grocery stores in the baking aisle or at your favourite craft store) and pre-halved orange Reese’s Pieces, and let them create their own special penguin buddies to eat. 

Parent Note: These can keep a little longer if you freeze the bananas before dipping them in chocolate. However, they are definitely same-day snacks!

Rudolph Celery Snacks

A holiday twist on peanut butter and celery. This cute recipe adds pretzel twist antlers, edible eyeballs and cranberries to create adorable snacks. You can switch up the nut butter you use inside. An easy and quick snack option, as these will provide a fun experience for any age!

Parent Note: These will keep! So feel free to prepare them ahead of time. Or even store the celery separately and put the nut butters in piping bags/plastic storage bags for easy dispensing for little hands!

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Don’t forget: It’s recommended that kids should see a dentist every six months after their first birthday or first tooth (whichever is first!). 

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