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Healthy Summer Treats For Your Little One!

With the sunny days and warm weather, we experience during summer, it’s almost impossible not to look for snacks and treats that can help beat the heat. However, it’s important for parents to choose snacks for their little ones that are not only healthy but good for their smile! 

According to a recent review by the Canadian Dental Association, parents have a crucial role to play in promoting our children’s oral health. Taking care of their oral health at a young age helps reinforce good oral hygiene habits and prevents more costly treatment later in life!

One of the ways you can keep your little one’s teeth safe during this summer is by providing them with healthy summer treats! Our pediatric dentist at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry has put together a list of healthy summer snacks your little ones can enjoy this summer.

1. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a great, healthy alternative to ice cream. Yogurt contains calcium which promotes strong, healthy teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Parents can make this snack more fun for their kids by adding various toppings, such as nuts, blueberries, and blackberries.

Try making your own frozen yogurt at home by placing some yogurt on parchment paper, adding your children’s favourite toppings, then freezing it!

2. Fruit Kabobs

Summer offers a myriad of fresh fruits to choose from, leaving you spoilt for choice. Fruits contain many natural sugars and fibre, making them extremely healthy for your teeth and body in general.

Fruit kabobs are a fun and creative way of ensuring that your kids indulge in their daily share of fruits during summertime. The best part is that they are extremely easy to make. All you need to do is cut some fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, and cantaloupe, into bite-sized pieces. Once this is done, thread them on skewers and serve as an afternoon summer treat. 

Besides fruit kabobs, other treats you can make for your kids using fruits include:

  • Fruit pizza: After making the pizza dough, use watermelon as a base and add other fruit toppings. This is an exciting and fun fruit treat that your kids will undoubtedly enjoy this summer.
  • Fruit salad: Mix up some different fruits that your kids enjoy, such as grapes, bananas, and strawberries, in a bowl.
  • Sorbet: You can make a fruit sorbet for your kids by simply blending various fruits together and freezing the mixture. This is a healthy and tasty treat that’s sure to be a summer favourite. 

3. Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon not only tastes great but also promotes good oral health. It acts as nature’s toothbrush by rinsing bacteria from the mouth and helping with saliva production. The silver lining is that this fruit is a summer staple, making it an easy go-to treat for the season! 

Rather than simply offering your little one plain watermelon, you can get creative and make an exciting watermelon popsicle. All you have to do is cut your watermelon into slices, then insert popsicle sticks into the pieces and freeze them.

4. Vegetables with Sun-dried Tomato Hummus

You can give your hummus an interesting summer vibe by adding sundried tomatoes. Similarly, as a perfect summer treat, you can serve alongside crunchy vegetables such as celery, cucumbers, or carrots. These veggies help stimulate saliva production, which can help prevent the build-up of bacteria in your little ones’ mouths!

5. Cheese Cubes

Cheese is great for your little ones’ oral health since it contains high amounts of calcium, which strengthens the tooth enamel. Try offering your kids low-fat cheese cubes as everyday treats or appetizers. You can make your cheese cubes more interesting by serving them alongside apple cubes and celery sticks too.

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