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Prepare Your Kids For Routine Dental Visits

The school year is upon us, which means it’s time to get back into our ‘regular’ routines. Early wake-up calls, preparing lunches, attending school, and going for routine check-ups at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry! 

Why Visit A Pediatric Dentist in Calgary? 

A dental checkup is a key component of your child’s overall healthcare. Their oral health can tell us way more than just how their teeth and gums are doing. We can see if their oral health is on the right track, implement good habits now and even detect if there are any other health concerns. 

Dr. Sam and our team at Happy Trails are trained specifically to work with children. We’ve gone above and beyond to make our space comfortable, safe and inviting for all. From fun activities, amiable staff, and meeting our friendly critter characters. Your child is sure to have a positive experience with us! 

Preparation At-Home 

It’s a great idea to speak with your children at home about visiting a pediatric dentist for a dental checkup. We want to make this a fun and exciting experience for them. Let them know it’s something to look forward to and how they will get to sit in the dental chair, look up at the sky and see some friendly faces zipping around! You can also let them know they will receive a prize from our Treasure Tower at the end of their visit too. 

In-Person Tour

We welcome you to come in for a tour before your first visit! We can show your little one around so that they feel comfortable in our space. We can schedule this ahead of time and ask you to fill out our COVID screening form prior to your visit as well. 

Why Are Routines Important? 

When your child regularly comes in for a visit, we can keep a consistent eye and use a preventive approach when it comes to oral health. If we wait too long, a problem can become worse down the road and end up becoming costly or painful. We suggest a visit with Dr. Sam and our team at least twice a year. This way, we can consistently partner with you on your child’s health! 

It is also important for your child to build a connection with Dr. Sam. Children need to see a recognizable and consistent friendly face to build trust. That’s why Dr. Sam is a single-dedicated dentist who loves working with kids! You can feel confident and at ease knowing that your child will see the exact same face at every dental appointment. This helps to develop a positive experience for their routine visits. 

Kids Dental Check-Ups In Calgary

We’re here to help you stay on top of your child’s oral health! Book their routine dental check-ups with Dr. Sam at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry. We can’t wait to meet you!