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How to Maintain Your Child’s Oral Health While Sick

With cold and flu season here, there is a high chance of your child getting sick. When they fall ill, a parent’s natural inclination is to ensure they get the right nutrients and rest to get better faster. However, parents should stay mindful of their child’s journey to recovery by also keeping up with their oral hygiene. Any pediatric dentist in Calgary can tell you how your physical and oral health is interconnected – that’s why it’s important not to neglect either one. See what you can do to ensure your child gets better and keep a healthy smile here. 

What to Keep in Mind From Your Calgary Pediatric Dentist 

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Maintain Oral Hygiene 

This first point is quite straightforward – but it’s worth reiterating. In the context of a sick child, keeping up with brushing and flossing helps prevent harmful bacteria in your child’s mouth. Just as this is good to do so twice daily, it’s also great at assisting your child’s immune system focused on fighting whatever sickness they have. For children exhibiting vomiting symptoms, it can weaken your child’s teeth since it’s being exposed to acids. In this case, ensure they’re rinsing, brushing, and flossing to avoid potential enamel damage. 

Beware Sugary Medicines 

Despite their effectiveness, some cold and flu medicines aren’t easy to swallow. It can make a young child quite fussy, making administering medication difficult. Naturally, parents look for medicine that’s more palatable. For instance, finding a strawberry-flavoured cough syrup to help soothe a sore throat that a child can take without issue. At first, it might seem like the best solution. However, some syrups and cough drops can contain high sugar. With that said, it means after giving your child these syrups or cough drops, it leaves behind a sugary residue on their teeth. Instead, try to find medicines that are advertised as sugar-free. If not, ensure your child rinses their teeth after every time they’ve taken their medicine. 

Staying Hydrated 

Just like everyone should maintain oral hygiene, everyone should also ensure they drink enough water daily. With 60% of our body being water, keeping yourself hydrated is imperative to ensure overall wellness. Plus, as a cardinal rule for when anyone gets sick, you’re told to keep drinking fluids – namely, water. So, it should be no surprise that it ensures oral health while helping your child recover. Water eases the pain of a sore throat by soothing it while keeping the sinuses moist. A congested child risks getting dry mouth because they start breathing from their mouth. As a result, it invites bacteria to spread and lead to possible tooth decay. But drinking water helps to combat it. 

Clean Dental Appliances 

Your child is fighting a virus when they’re sick. In turn, it means they’re highly contagious and can spread easily. Naturally, anything they touch and put in their mouth would have that bacteria. You can prevent reinfection by disinfecting/cleaning or replacing certain dental appliances they use. These include things such as: 

  • Toothbrush
  • Nightguard
  • Retainer
  • Athletic mouth guard

Visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience for children, and Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is here to make sure that children feel safe and excited for their regular checkups. Happy Trails is a professional pediatric dentistry proudly serving south Calgary, and we have a goal of creating an inviting and comfortable space for children to receive the best care available. With our fantastic dentist, Dr. Sam, our young patients of Calgary will always have a positive dental experience! 

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Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Smile this Halloween

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for children. For them, trick-or-treating promises plenty of sweets to enjoy once the night ends. Meanwhile, it can feel tough for parents to balance ensuring their child’s smile remains healthy while allowing them to eat the candies they love. Thankfully, allowing your child to enjoy Halloween treats is possible – if done responsibly. Here are a few tips and tricks to scare away any potential cavities from developing this Halloween from a trusted pediatric dentist in Calgary

The Best Tips & Tricks From a Pediatric Dentist in Calgary

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Prevent Candy Binges

After trick-or-treating, kids quickly want to indulge in their heaps of candy. Yet, any pediatric dentist in Calgary can tell you that eating too many high-sugar treats can lead to nasty cavities. Teaching your child to practice moderation is a good compromise when eating Halloween treats. After all, with so much candy, they shouldn’t eat it all at once – lest they have a stomach ache and wear away their teeth! Ensure your child isn’t constantly snacking on their candies by only allowing them to have a piece during a meal to satisfy their sweet tooth. Another important consideration is portion size. Sometimes while trick-or-treating, they get a big bar of chocolate – which usually has lots of sugar. Instead of them eating the full bar, they eat small pieces from it. This way, they can at least reduce sugar consumption.

Avoiding Certain Candy

Some candies are worse than others. Beyond high sugar content, their textures can make them harder to remove and cause enamel to wear away. The culprit candies that do this are usually sticky, chewy, sour, or long-lasting hard candies. If your child also has braces, it’s highly recommended they steer clear of these candies since it will only make maintaining their oral hygiene even harder. 

Here are a few sweets to avoid:

  • Gummy candies (e.g. gummy bears)
  • Any caramels
  • All taffy
  • Sour candies 
  • Lollipops (only if in the mouth for too long)

Choosing Alternative Treats 

Thankfully, chocolate bars and various candies aren’t the only sweet treats to eat. There are plenty of alternative treats that are healthy and nutritious that are just as delicious and sweet! 

In our Halloween blog last year, we referenced the following recipes in detail if you wish to try them out this year:

  • Mummy Pumpkin Bars
  • Snack-O’Lantern Fruit Cups
  • Mini Mummy Pizzas
  • Monster Wraps 

Beyond what’s listed, you can find various healthy alternatives online for recipes. These are great ideas for throwing a Halloween party for your children and their friends. 

Thorough Oral Hygiene

Technically, everyone should practice oral hygiene twice daily. But, when it comes to Halloween, it’s more important than ever to be proactive with it. After all, allowing sugar to settle on their teeth can lead to tooth decay that becomes cavities. Help motivate your child by getting into the Halloween spirit and making a game of ‘scaring away cavities’ through proper brushing and flossing. It’s a fun Halloween-inspired idea that helps keep your little one’s pearly whites shining! Also, a bonus tip: ensure your child drinks plenty of water! Water helps to wash away sugar still clinging to their teeth and balances the pH level in their mouths.

Visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience for children, and Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is here to make sure that children feel safe and excited for their regular checkups. Happy Trails is a professional pediatric dentistry proudly serving south Calgary, and we have a goal of creating an inviting and comfortable space for children to receive the best care available. With our fantastic dentist, Dr. Sam, our young patients of Calgary will always have a positive dental experience!       

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How Do I Know If My Child Will Need Braces?

Children’s teeth go through varying developmental stages. They lose baby teeth and then grow into adult ones to replace them. 

Yet, when these teeth erupt, they can be misaligned. Misaligned teeth can lead to various oral health issues for your child unless addressed sooner – which is usually treated with braces. 

But how can you tell if your child’s teeth are misaligned to warrant braces? 

See if your child might need braces by learning what can cause misaligned teeth before booking an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Calgary

Signs to Look Out for According to a Calgary Pediatric Dentist

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Early Development Signs

A child losing their baby teeth for the first time is a normal part of development. The only concern a parent might have during this time is reminding their child to put their tooth underneath their pillow for the tooth fairy. Though what’s important for parents to know is when their child loses their baby teeth. Commonly, it’s expected for baby teeth to come in during the ages of one to three. When baby teeth fall out, that’s usually around the age of six, while all baby teeth should be gone and replaced with adult teeth by around the age of 12-13. However, early or late loss of baby teeth can lead to needing braces. So, if your child has experienced early or late baby teeth loss, it’s best to anticipate they might need braces. 

Certain Habit Signs 

Certain habits your child might have them wearing braces in the future. Thankfully, unlike developmental signs, you can have some control in helping to reduce your child’s chances of needing braces. 

Here are a few habits below that can create orthodontic issues:

  • Thumb sucking: Prolonged thumb sucking past the age of two to four causes teeth misalignment. 
  • Mouth breathing: Misalignment occurs since mouth breathing affects the development of your jaw & position of teeth. 
  • Problems with chewing/biting: If your child is struggling to chew or bite their food, it can mean they have misaligned teeth. Common signs are if food is left in the mouth, falls out of their mouth, or they’re slowly & improperly chewing and eating. 

If your child experiences any of these habits, consult your pediatric dentist on what you can do to rectify them and hopefully prevent needing braces. 

Clear Visual Signs 

Of all the signs your child needs braces, these are the most obvious. They’re rather hard not to overlook. Some parents might find their child’s crooked teeth cute. Unfortunately, this misplaced sentiment can harm a child’s oral health. Overlapping and crowded teeth make regular oral hygiene more difficult and lead to dental diseases like gingivitis. Braces will reduce those chances and leave them with a better, straighter smile. Beyond crooked teeth, having a misaligned jaw and improper bite leads to needing braces. 

Here are common bites that would need correcting with braces:

  • Overbite: when the upper teeth jut outward and do not overlap properly with the lower teeth.
  • Underbite: where the lower just outward does not coincide properly with the upper teeth.
  • Crossbite: where the teeth do not overlap correctly.
  • Open bite: where there is a gap between the upper and lower front teeth, even when the mouth is closed.

If your child exhibits any of these signs, it would be best to book a pediatric dentist appointment to confirm whether your child needs braces or not.

Visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience for children, and Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is here to make sure that children feel safe and excited for their regular checkups. Happy Trails is a professional pediatric dentistry proudly serving south Calgary, and we have a goal of creating an inviting and comfortable space for children to receive the best care available. With our fantastic dentist, Dr. Sam, our young patients of Calgary will always have a positive dental experience!                                  

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What Age to Start Flossing?

Beyond brushing, any pediatric dentist in Calgary can tell you that flossing is important in ensuring a child’s oral health. However, some parents can get stumped on when to introduce flossing into their child’s oral hygiene routine. 

Learn what age is the best to start flossing, so you are equipped to teach your child how to keep cavities at bay effectively! 

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Flossing & Your Child’s Oral Health

Teaching your child to floss should be an integral part of their oral hygiene routine. 

When your child doesn’t start flossing, it leads to bad breath and potentially to developing cavities. Through flossing, your child can effectively remove any plaque from hard-to-reach places between their teeth and under the gums. These efforts help to prevent tartar build-up that leads to tooth decay. 

That’s why it’s important to floss alongside brushing. Brushing daily and properly isn’t enough since it can’t reach certain crevices in your child’s mouth. Only by using them in tandem with one another can your child ensure their teeth are bright and healthy!

The Right Age to Start Flossing

Most might assume you need to wait a while before starting to floss your child’s teeth. Yet, many would be surprised that it starts rather early like it is with brushing in its own way. 

It would be best if you began flossing when your child has two teeth that touch. You can expect to be when they’re around the ages of two or three. However, you don’t need to worry about flossing if they’re younger than that. 

For the most part, parents should teach and guide their children on how to floss properly up until they’re around eight to ten years old, when they should be able to do so independently. 

Helping Your Child to Floss

It’s no secret that adults aren’t the best at flossing. But, it doesn’t mean your child needs to grow up being one of those adults. By teaching them how to floss early and properly, you can seamlessly instill this into your child’s oral routine.

Try to frame flossing and brushing as two things that need each other to help get their smiles nice and bright! For example, a knight (your child) won’t go into battle with a dragon (stubborn plaque) without their sword (toothbrush) and shield (floss), right? Explaining it in a fun way that they can understand will have your kids keener on getting into the habit of flossing by enforcing its importance.

Ensure you lead by example to your child by teaching them how to floss regularly and properly. Show them by having them loop their floss along each tooth’s sides and gently move it up and down. The idea is to clean spots their toothbrush missed, like in between their teeth. However, be mindful of them just pulling the floss back and forth because it can irritate the gum line.

Visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience for children, and Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is here to make sure that children feel safe and excited for their regular checkups. Happy Trails is a professional pediatric dentistry proudly serving south Calgary, and we have a goal of creating an inviting and comfortable space for children to receive the best care available. With our fantastic dentist, Dr. Sam, our young patients of Calgary will always have a positive dental experience! 

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The Importance of Kids Brushing Every Day

Getting your child to brush their teeth daily can feel as difficult as pulling teeth sometimes! 

Any pediatric dentist in Calgary is all-too-familiar with this issue that parents have. Thankfully, there are ways for parents to encourage their kids to brush their teeth without fuss.

When you thoroughly understand why your kids need to brush their teeth daily, you can easily communicate it so that your children can understand and make it easier to have them brush those pearly whites! 

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Best Age to Start Brushing

A common question from parents is this: “What should my child start brushing?” Many parents would be surprised to know it’s after seeing their first tooth! A child’s first tooth will typically appear when they’re still an infant at around six months old. 

You will be responsible for maintaining their oral health as an infant until they’re around three years old. According to Alberta Health, children should be brushing their own teeth every morning and night by age 4. Parents should gradually introduce fluoride to their brushing routine as they supervise and check their kids’ brushing for proper cleaning. 

Once they’re eight years old, they should be able to brush on their own without your help and supervision. 

Why Kids’ Oral Health Matters

The fundamental importance of having your kids brush their teeth daily is to help instill it as a healthy habit. Practicing good oral care early every day can help prevent your kids from developing any future tooth decay like cavities.

Children and adults alike can grow habits through consistency, which easily applies to teaching your child to brush their teeth. When you introduce good oral care daily to your kids early, they can effectively integrate it into their daily morning and evening routine. 

How to Get the Kids into Brushing

Kids are incredibly impressionable and easily emulate their parents. If your child sees you don’t brush, it will be harder to convince them that brushing is important. From a child’s perspective, they think: “If mom and dad don’t brush, why do I have to do so?” So, set an example by brushing your teeth daily as well!

Additionally, you can find fun, creative ways to help get your little ones into brushing their teeth every day. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Simply brushing together (i.e. copying you)
  • Make a game out of it (i.e. brushing all teeth properly at a set time)
  • Positive affirmations after brushing
  • Watch an engaging video on oral health and brushing
  • Have a reward system after brushing 

These are just a few ways to motivate your kids to brush their teeth daily. You know your child best about what they might find fun. So, try to appeal to them in this way that helps to encourage consistent oral care for them every day. 

Visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience for children, and Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry is here to make sure that children feel safe and excited for their regular checkups. Happy Trails is a professional pediatric dentistry proudly serving south Calgary, and we have a goal of creating an inviting and comfortable space for children to receive the best care available. With our fantastic dentist, Dr. Sam, our young patients of Calgary will always have a positive dental experience!

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Make Your Kids Smile With These Healthy Holiday Treats

15 Dec 2021 News, oral

At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we understand that delicious treats are a big part of most people’s holiday celebrations. But in the hustle and bustle of all the holiday activities at home and school, it’s easy to overlook the importance of good oral health, especially for kids. 

Too much sugar left on teeth can lead to decay. No one wants to start the new year with a cavity right? This year, consider adding some healthy snack alternatives to your holiday plans. Not only are they great for your child’s oral health, but these recipes can be a fun family activity too! 

5 Yummy Holiday Snacks

Santa Hat Jello Cups 

These adorable little snacks will sleigh everyone at your events. Using sugar-free Jell-O and your favorite whipped topping, these cuties are topped with hulled strawberries for Santa’s iconic hat. They’re super easy, too, since the longest part is letting the Jello-O set in the fridge! Serve with tiny spoons, and voila! 

Parent Note: You can make these for you to enjoy too!

Christmas Banana Snowmen 

A fun stacking snack! These snowmen are a healthy, tasty option for kids. Use banana slices, strawberries and grapes (with raisins and a sliver of carrot for decoration) and let them create their own edible snowpeople!

Parent Note: These are eat-immediately snacks! They will not keep well in the fridge. 

Babybel Cheese Santa

Cheese is a great snack to help combat tooth decay. Plus these cheesy Santas (all the puns intended) are a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Making use of the iconic red wax wrapper, these ‘lollipops’ are sure to be a hit with all the kids! 

Parent Note: Preparing ahead of the event? Stand the skewers upright on a Styrofoam brick in the fridge to keep the cream cheese decorations intact.

Banana Penguins 

Another adorable build-a-treat recipe. These banana penguins are easy on the budget and fun for the kids. Supply them with edible eyes (available at most grocery stores in the baking aisle or at your favorite craft store) and pre-halved orange Reese’s Pieces, and let them create their own special penguin buddies to eat. 

Parent Note: These can keep a little longer, if you freeze the bananas before dipping them in chocolate. However, they are definitely same-day snacks!

Rudolph Celery Snacks

A holiday twist on peanut butter and celery. This cute recipe adds pretzel twist antlers, edible eyeballs and cranberries to create adorable snacks. You can switch up the nut butter you use inside. An easy and quick snack option, as these will provide a fun experience for any age!

Parent Note: These will keep! So feel free to prepare them ahead of time. Or even store the celery separately and put the nut butters in piping bags/plastic storage bags, for easy dispensing for little hands!

Schedule Check-Ups

Don’t forget: It’s recommended that kids should see a dentist every six months after their first birthday or first tooth (whichever is first!). 

With our child-friendly environment, our dedicated pediatric dentist, Dr. Sam, loves working with kids of all ages in Calgary to build a positive dental experience. From routine preventive dentistry to emergency dental care, our wide range of services cover all the bases when it comes to your child’s oral health. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these awesome reviews from our clients!

Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact us today!

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Why Your Child Should Drink Water For Their Oral Health

15 Nov 2021 News, oral

Drinking water is essential for your child’s overall health. Did you know that it is an important part of their oral health too? If your kids don’t drink enough water, their teeth and gums can pay the price! At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry we’re here to help! We’re sharing a few reasons why drinking water supports your child’s oral health.

Keeps Teeth Strong

Fluoride is in more than just your toothpaste. It can also be found in tap water too. Fluoride is also known as a ‘natural cavity fighter’. It helps to keep your tooth enamel strong! 

Flushes Away Food

When your kids drink water throughout the day, it helps to wash away food particles that may be stuck in their mouths. A buildup of food particles can help foster bacteria, resulting in bad breath or cavities! Drinking water in between brushing is a great way to help keep your child’s mouth clean throughout the day. 

Creates Saliva

The right amount of saliva helps protect and keep your child’s mouth clean. It is your body’s first tool to combat tooth decay. Saliva washes away food particles and helps children swallow. If your child’s mouth is dry, it means their saliva levels are low too. Encouraging them to drink water will help boost their saliva production!  

How To Keep Them Hydrated 

A hydrated, healthy and happy mouth is the goal. Here are a few tips to try with your kids: 

  • Give them a fun water bottle with their favourite character on it
  • Have a prize for who finishes their water bottle (with refills) for the day
  • Drink water before they brush their teeth at night, or after a meal
  • Send them to school with a bottle of water instead of a juice drink 

Book An Appointment with A Calgary Pediatric Dentist

At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we believe that early preventative care is essential to your child’s healthy smile. Dr. Sam and our team work with families to introduce good habits as soon as possible for a cavity-free future! We also provide you with the tools and resources to establish a lifetime of good oral health and beautiful smiles!

Give our clinic in Calgary a call today to learn more about how we can help your child’s smile!

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Healthy Halloween Tips for Kids

25 Oct 2021 News, oral

Halloween is such an exciting time for many kids. From dressing up in costumes as their favourite characters, to indulging in their favourite treats. As a parent, we know you want to do your best to keep them healthy. At Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry, we’re here to give you some healthy Halloween tips to keep their oral health at its best. 

Alternative Treats 

Halloween is known as the “candy holiday”. However, there are so many fun alternatives that don’t have sugar as the number one ingredient. Sugar is a big contributor to the development of cavities. Try some of these fun ideas instead! 

Mummy Pumpkin Bars – these treats are on theme and gluten free! Best of all they only take 25 minutes to make. Get the recipe to try them out yourself!

Halloween cookies pediatric dentistry calgary

Snack-O’Lantern Fruit Cups – These mini jack-o-lanterns are too cute! Transform an orange into a fruit-filled treat for your kids. A great alternative to chocolate or candy. Make this recipe with your family!

Halloween oranges pediatric dentistry calgary

Mini Mummy Pizzas – Mummy what’s for dinner? Try these mini mummy pizzas! A great snack or bite to tide the kids over. You can use spelt flour for these, which makes for a great source of fiber! Get the recipe to make it with your family!

Halloween cakes pediatric dentistry calgary

Monster Wraps – Make the fun the main meal! This is a great idea for lunch or dinner for the kids. If you fill them up with good nutritious food before trick-or-treating, there will also be less room for sugary-treats too! The details are in this recipe, and don’t forget to use veggies or hummus in your wraps to get in extra nutrients!

Halloween burrito south calgary pediatric dentistry

Oral Hygiene 

Healthy treats are just one way to keep your kids’ oral health in check for Halloween. The other important part is to make sure they brush their teeth! Don’t let sugar or food sit on their teeth. Make brushing teeth before bed part of the Halloween fun! Allow them a fun Halloween story after brushing their teeth or reward them with a new toothbrush! 

Kids Dental Checkups In Calgary

We’re here to help you stay on top of your child’s oral health! Book your child’s next dental check-up with Dr. Sam at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry. We look forward to hearing about all of your Halloween fun!

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Prepare Your Kids For Routine Dental Visits

4 Sep 2021 News, oral

The school year is upon us, which means it’s time to get back into our ‘regular’ routines. Early wake-up calls, preparing lunches, attending school, and going for routine check-ups at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry! 

Why Visit A Pediatric Dentist in Calgary? 

A dental checkup is a key component of your child’s overall healthcare. Their oral health can tell us way more than just how their teeth and gums are doing. We can see if their oral health is on the right track, implement good habits now and even detect if there are any other health concerns. 

Dr. Sam and our team at Happy Trails are trained specifically to work with children. We’ve gone above and beyond to make our space comfortable, safe and inviting for all. From fun activities, amiable staff, and meeting our friendly critter characters. Your child is sure to have a positive experience with us! 


Preparation At-Home 

It’s a great idea to speak with your children at home about visiting Dr. Sam for a dental checkup. We want to make this a fun and exciting experience for them. Let them know it’s something to look forward to and how they will get to sit in the dental chair, look up in the sky and see some friendly faces zipping around! You can also let them know they will receive a prize from our Treasure Tower at the end of their visit too. 


In-Person Tour

We welcome you to come in for a tour before your first visit! We can show your little one around so that they feel comfortable in our space. We can schedule this ahead of time, and ask you to fill out our COVID screening form prior to your visit as well. 


Why Are Routines Important? 

When your child regularly comes in for a visit, we can keep a consistent eye and use a preventive approach when it comes to their oral health. If we wait too long, a problem can become worse down the road and end up becoming costly or painful. We suggest a visit with Dr. Sam and our team at least twice a year. This way we can consistently partner with you on your child’s health! 

It is also important for your child to build a connection with Dr. Sam. Children need to see a recognizable and consistent friendly face to build trust. That’s why Dr. Sam is a single-dedicated dentist who loves working with kids! You can feel confident and at ease knowing that your child will see the exact same face at every dental appointment. This helps to develop a positive experience for their routine visits. 


Kids Dental Check-Ups In Calgary

We’re here to help you stay on top of your child’s oral health! Book their routine dental check-ups with Dr. Sam at Happy Trails Children’s Dentistry. We can’t wait to meet you!

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How Thumb Sucking Can Impact Your Child’s Smile!

4 Aug 2021 News, oral

Most infants have the natural urge to suck their thumb as a comforting habit. Although cute, it’s important to note that your child’s thumb sucking can have an impact on their smile if prolonged. 


Side Effects Of Long-Term Thumb Sucking 

While most children will break their own thumb-sucking habit between the ages of two and four, it’s important to be educated on the possible negative side effects of prolonged thumb sucking. Here are some possible ways thumb sucking can impact the appearance of your child’s smile and oral development. 

  • Misaligned Bite

If your child sucks their thumb for a prolonged period of time, it can cause dental malocclusion. Overtime, the pressure of your child’s thumb can cause their teeth to shift.

  • Speech Problems. 

As a result of misaligned teeth, children can develop a speech impediment. Consistent thumb sucking may cause lisping and/or an inability to pronounce “D” and “T” sounds. 


How To Break Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Habits 

If you notice your child sucking their thumb past the age of four, you may want to consider intervention. We first recommend having an open discussion with your child. Ask them why they suck their thumb and share with them some reasons why it might be time to stop the habit. You can try offering incentives or rewards to encourage your child to stop sucking their thumb. If you need further assistance, Dr. Sam and our team would be happy to share a few tips and talk about helpful appliances during your next visit!  


Take Your Child To A Children’s Dentist In Calgary Dr. Sam and our dedicated staff would love to meet you and your kids! We are passionate about making your child feel at home when they visit our practice. Our clinic offers preventative dentistry, oral health exams and emergency dental care. We welcome children with special health needs and take pride in creating a welcoming environment for every child! Call us at 587-576-KIDS (5437) to book your consultation.

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