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childrens dentist calgary

The school year is upon us, which means it’s time to get back into our ‘regular’ routines. Early wake-up calls, preparing lunches,

childrens dentist calgary

Most infants have the natural urge to suck their thumb as a comforting habit. Although cute, it’s important to note that your

pediatric dentist south calgary

With the sunny days and warm weather we experience during summer, it’s almost impossible not to look for snacks and treats that

Cute child smiling through the camera

Although tooth enamel is among the hardest surfaces in the body, it still needs extra care and attention. It is a vital

A child being taught how to brush her teeth

Sometimes referred to as “nature’s cavity fighter”, fluoride is a natural mineral that does wonders for our teeth. As your child’s teeth

A kid at the dental clinic

You know a family dentist helps people of all ages, so you may be wondering, why does my child need to see